About Us

Atithyam is a complete destination management company. As among the leading travel operators, we offer extensive travel options for leisure, group, corporate or educational purpose. We have been expanding swiftly and in the process innovating new and versatile ideas.

At Atithyam we are flexible to our client’s requirements and needs. We are certainly one of the top travel companies in India.

Atithyam India has obtained more than brand leader position within India. With our link office in nearly every City, we have efficiently prolonged top services to our exclusive customers.

We provide various markets from India to Nepal to Bhutan and Shri Lanka. We look ahead to a mutually valuable business relationship with our current and prospective clients and ensure the best travel solutions and experience.

Lady sitting in front of Taj Mahal


Individual attention is not the exception but the concept.

Fully Adaptable

We also provide custom-made itineraries based upon on the particular needs of the customers. We basically require the month of travel, locations to visit and the number of persons traveling. Our entirely flexible itineraries could be implemented individually or combined to make a full package.